Café Noir

Strictly locals convene at this shoebox sized café with herringbone floors, a vintage sofa and seven tiny tables steps from Josefstrasse’s funky boutiques. Coffee geeks will feel right at home. The beans are roasted just two doors down, there’s a Dalla Corte espresso machine in the corner and all sorts of intriguing paraphernalia are for sale.



Mame very graciously says that “the best coffee is the coffee you like” but I have to flip that on its head and say the best coffee is the coffee they make. It has a passionate group of customers who swear this is the best coffee in the city. I have to agree, they do everything with absolute perfection and precision.



This cosy place left little doubt as to what they do when they were naming the place. There is a real community vibe around the shop and they make it a fun place to be, with regular special events and tastings. The staff are super knowledgable and always willing to help you out by choosing the ideal drink for you.



Walking into their stores must be like living the dream for anybody truly obsessed with quality coffee. The machines and layout are literal coffee porn. They place a big emphasis on sourcing organically and ethically. As an added bonus you will find their little van roaming outside, making coffee on the streets when you need it most in the cold weather.


Miro Coffee

Bovelli is a wonderful spot that have upped their coffee game no end in the last few years. Take a seat at the bar and choose from their large selection of baked goods and cakes to have a little treat with your brew. It is also a splendid place for people watching if you want to linger over a second cup.



Kraftwerk is so much more than just amazing coffee. This is an innovation space where they encourage people to come and co-work, hold events and build a welcoming community. Their food offering is as good as anything in the city. You might come for the coffee but you will stay for so much more.


Cafe Henrici

A coffee shop that is always buzzing with energy and where friends come to talk and engage properly rather than staring into phones. The lattes are the stuff of dreams, so creamy. The place really comes into its own during the warmer months when the terrace is always packed with Zurich coffee lovers.

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