1. The Bund (Shanghai's Promenade)

2. Yu Garden

3. The Jade Buddha Temple

4. The Shanghai Museum

5. Longhua Temple & Pagoda

6. The Oriental Pearl Tower

7. Shop till you drop on Nanjing Road

8. People's Square

9. The French Concession

10. The China Art Museum

11. Shanghai Maglev Train

The Shanghai Magle or Shanghai Transrapid is a magnetic levitation train line that operates in Shanghai. The line is the third commercially operated maglev line in history, the oldest commercial maglev still in operation, and the first commercial high-speed maglev with maximum cruising speed of 431 km/h.

 Number of stations: 2

Number of lines: 1

Top speed: 431 km/h (268 mph)

System length: 30.5 km (18.95 mi)

Operator(s): Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Co.

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